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Organic Black Beans

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A mild bean with subtle, earthy flavor. Black beans pair well with spices like chili pepper, cumin, and smoked paprika.

These dry beans are grown in the Finger Lake Region of New York, known for its fertile loamy soil and rich terroir, enhancing the flavor profile of this traditional variety.  

Ingredients: 100% organic certified black beans 

Seed: Organic

Size: 16 oz. 

Region: Finger Lakes, NY


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elizabeth Upton
Absolutely yummy

The black beans cooked up well and made my enchiladas so delicious. If you could describe a bean as "meaty", this is the bean!

Elaine Han
Unreasonable level of enjoyment from these black beans

After a night of soaking, I threw a pot of these black beans together with some homemade chicken stock and a handful of spices and I can’t tell you much they outshined the protein we served it with. Then I made the leftover beans into a soup with some added celery and onions - delicious! My husband and I got 4 meals out of one bag and thoroughly enjoyed every bite. The texture beat any canned or dried beans I’ve used before and these will be a constant in our pantry!

Jamie Bailey

So delighted to use these beans in my recipes! They keep for 2 weeks in the fridge which gives me plenty of opportunity to use them in soups and salads.