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Field with rows of organic bean crops with a hilly background of low lying clouds. Home page photo for organic dry bean brand, beanstory, showing a farm field with a rows of organic bean crops with lush green leaves with a hilly background of low lying clouds.

Organic beans from uncompromising farms

ceramic bowls in different shapes holding a variety of organic and heirloom beans for for bean company, beanstory

Small choices Bigger change

"Alluring beautiful beans..."

From seed to harvest, our beans are grown organically. This isn't just about bringing you fresh, delicious, and nutritious ingredients (although that's an obvious perk). It's about growing our appreciation for what we eat and how we care for each other and the world around us.

And it all starts with great farms. Our growing partners are doing the generous work of nourishing us and the planet. We celebrate their stories and get closer to the source of our food, so that we can all live a little lighter on this earth.

Farmer, Ed Cohen, kneeling down to tend to his crops in a field of beans with cloudy skies and hills in the background. Ed practices dry farming in Northern California.