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a wide open field with a fence in the foreground and hazy mountains in the distance taken in Idaho while founders of beanstory, Maggie Bentley and Katherine Yaphe, were visiting farming partners on a beautiful summer day

Guiding Principles


We try to share it all - where items come from, how they are produced, and what drives our decisions. Being transparent is integral to how we communicate with our partners, customers, and everyone touched along the way.


We are visitors on this earth and approach everything we do with a sense of humility and respect. We’re trying our best to get things right. When we make mistakes, we'll take responsibility and do our best to set things right.


Our mission is centered around deepening connections - between growers, cooks, creators, and all the hands involved in bringing beautiful meals to our tables. It’s a team effort and we know that we’re better off when we work together. Plus, it's just more fun.


Our desire to learn and explore has led us on this incredible journey from siloed urban life to bean fields across the country. Staying curious is fundamental to how we will navigate the future, together. Our story is one of continual growth, awe, and exploration.


We tread lightly in order to make a profound impact. We believe business needs to be a force for good and that it is our responsibility to do everything we can to take better care of this home we all share.

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