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Organic Peruano Beans

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Maybe our creamiest bean yet! The Peruano is a thin skinned variety that holds its shape well in cooking and absorbs flavor beautifully; making it a stand-out heirloom bean. 

This varietal was dry-farmed; a sustainable growing practice used to preserve water supply. The farm on which these beans are grown sits between two river beds, near the Northern Redwood coast in California. The deep silty soil benefits from good rainfall holding properties and draws out incredible flavor in these beans. 

Ingredients: 100% organic certified peruano beans

Seed: Organic

Size: 16 oz. 

Region: Humboldt County, CA

GTIN: 196852341948

Customer Reviews

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Max Blumen
I’m ruined for other beans

I was a bean skeptic. A Heinz beans kinda guy — it’s just beans, right? Oh man, I was wrong. So so wrong. If you’re considering trying out something new, the richness and delicacy of flavor I found here are unlikely anything you’ll have tried before.