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Holiday Gift Guide: 2023

Holiday Gift Guide: 2023

This is our first holiday season at Beanstory and we wanted to share some unsolicited love by curating our own gift guide. In honor of our ethos of being mindful and conscious about how we shop, buy, and give, we wanted to highlight a few items that have caught our attention (and hearts). 


1. Laurel & Ash Maple Syrup 

We LOVE maple syrup and this might be the most gorgeous variety we've ever seen! Thankfully, the taste matches the aesthetic, too. Ashley Ruprecht and Jeffrey Schad are a husband-and-wife team producing maple syrup on their Hudson Valley farm with utmost intention and care. It shows. 

Laurel & Ash Farm Maple Syrup

Laurel & Ash Farm, Maple Syrup. $22


2. Pata Paca Socks via M.Patmos 

While what we really want is a gorgeous knit sweater from M.Patmos, we're highlighting a pair of socks in this list because socks are essential and these ones are particularly fabulous. Made with hypoallergenic alpaca and ethically made in Peru, we love the color blocked look and conscious sourcing.  

Pata Paca socks from M.Patmos

 M.Patmos, Pata Paca Socks. $18. 


3. Central Coast Family Farm Olive Oil 

This lovely olive oil was harvested on a family farm in Central California, where olives grow in and with "maintained soil, abundant sunshine, fresh well water, afternoon winds, cool nights, love." Our beans and hearts are dancing at the sound of this!  


Central Coast Olive Oil

Central Coast Family Farm, Olive Oil via General Store. $40 


4. Sheldon Ceramics Dessert Bowl 

Sheldon Ceramics is run by Peter Sheldon in downtown LA. Amidst "industrial chaos" this studio is finding "moments of stillness to articulate form." We love the idea of finding beauty in any setting and would love to eat our next bowl of dal out of this dish! 


Sheldon Ceramics Bowl

Sheldon Ceramics. Dessert Bowl. $38. 


5. OnOurTable Duo Paddle by Geof Lilge Studio

OnOurTable celebrates beautiful simplicity of solid wooden boards. This piece can double as a serving board or handy cutting board and is a special piece that will help you savor every detail of cooking, dining, and sharing.

OnOurTable Duo Paddle in White Oak

OnOurTable Duo Board by Geof Lilge. $129 (White Oak Version) 


6. Stockholm Peppermill via Curio Spice

Yes, Curio Spice is known for their, well, spices of course! But while recently visiting their store we saw these minimalist salt and pepper mills and have been thinking about them ever since! 

 Stockholm salt and pepper mill

Curio Spice. Stockholm Pepper Mill. Starting at $46. 


7. Simple Measuring Spoons from Hawkins NY

These brass measuring spoons make everyday cooking feel a bit more special. We love how the set is held together by a simple ring that can be easily unfastened and reassembled without the normal fuss that goes along with this sort of thing. 

Brass measuring spoons

Hawkins NY. Simple Measuring Spoons. $28. 


8. Fogo Island Workshop Doorstop via Goodee 

Fogo Island is one of the most magical spots on earth - it's an island off of an island, on what feels like the edge of the world. If you can't make it to this remote part of Canada, we suggest using or gifting this handmade door stopper, crafted from birch off-cuts left over from larger furniture projects. 

Doorstopper made by Fogo Island Workshops

Goodee, Fogo Island Workshops Door Stop, $45


9. Dandy Farmer Bonsai Tree 

These little trees are so adorable! They're beautifully planted in ceramic pots and make a unique and special gift that will help instil a sense of calm and care wherever they live.  


Dandy Farmer small indoor bonsai tree

Dandy Farmer, Indoor Bansai Tree. $30. 


10. Beanstory Heirloom Bean Bundle 

Well, maybe this one isn't entirely unsolicited, but beans do make an awesome gift. So, of course we had to add one of our bundles. An Heirloom Bundle is a gift that celebrates our well-being, supporting small farmers, taking care of our planet, and of course good taste! For easy gift-giving, we now have a feature at checkout where you can write a personalized note to the recipient. We'll include a hand-written message with with your order. 

Beanstory Heirloom Bean Bundle

Beanstory. Heirloom Bean Bundle. $42.

We found so much joy in creating this list, and hope you find special moments to enjoy and celebrate the holiday season. 

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