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2023 Reflections

2023 Reflections

We created Beanstory because we believe that beans are an incredible force for good; they are not only beautiful and great for our health, they are an integral part of healthy soil and hold answers for how we might address the crisis of our warming planet. We believe beans should not only be at the center of conversations, they should be at the center of our plates. 

It’s been almost a full year since we launched and, like most meaningful pursuits in life, it has been filled with experiences we never anticipated. There’s been a few challenges but mainly it’s been unbelievably rewarding. We’ve learned a ton, but our biggest lessons have been personal in nature – the lessons we all learn (and relearn) throughout our lives.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the same thing? Here are ours:

Maggie Katherine
Focus on what matters - I often confuse tasks and To-dos for progress. Nothing feels more satisfying than checking a box on a list but I’ve learned to ask myself, “Is this important? Will it have an impact? I’ve also learned that what I put on that list is just as important as what gets checked off.

Go for It - I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone many times this year (taught cooking classes, done social media videos, hosted one-woman pop-up events!), and with every experience I’ve made meaningful connections. It’s been worth it every time. 


Go with the Flow (chill out) - You can’t control nature. For that matter, you can’t control many things in life, including adult children. I’m learning from our farming partners to just roll with it. So, if one of our beans was unsuccessfully harvested or my son wants to get a tattoo, it’s OK. Everything will turn out exactly as it should (even if the tattoo doesn’t). 

Stay Grounded - It's easy to get thrown off kilter in a fast moving industry with content coming at us  in every direction. I try to pause every once in a while to remind myself of my intention to slow down and go at my own pace. 



Go for a walk - The best ideas come when we get outside. Why is this so hard to remember?


Walk the Walk - As the mother of two teenage daughters, I’m conscious that my kids are watching me learn, fail, get up, and figure it out. I’ve got a good gallery cheering me on (albeit not a silent one!) and I love that my kids are seeing me follow a path that feels purposeful to me. 


We have an exciting year planned for 2024, and our plans will require big goals. But our experience has taught us these goals won’t be enough if we want to grow in a meaningful and sustainable way. Enduring growth and achievement come when we abide by the perennial lessons life teaches us and, we believe, where happiness and success connect. 

Thank you

As the year comes to a close, we want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. Whether you have purchased from Beanstory, tried one of our recipes, or just followed our journey via our newsletters and/or Instagram, we’re appreciative of your support. 

All the best to you and your family in 2024.


- Maggie + Katherine (Beanstory Co-Founders)

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