Organic Zuni Gold Beans

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We can't get enough of this heirloom variety - with their deliciously nutty flavor and satisfying texture. This varietal has been dry farmed to preserve water supply. The farm on which these beans are grown sits between two river beds, near the Northern Redwood coast in California. The deep silty soil benefits from good rainfall holding properties and draws out incredible flavor in these beans. 

Zuni Gold's are one of those heirloom bean varieties that are so good, we often just eat them, cooked, with olive oil and salt. They're also great in soups, salads, and tacos. 

Ingredients: 100% organic certified zuni gold beans

Seed: Organic

Size: 16 oz. 

Region: Humboldt County, CA

GTIN: 196852029792

Customer Reviews

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Adam Wiener
Gorgeous, flavorful and fun

I used the Zuni golds to make a poor man's cassoulet (who has the time to cook for an entire day) and it was amazing. I soaked them overnight, boiled for about 45 minutes and then baked in the oven in the pot with the rest of the ingredients for about 90 minutes. The beans were tender and truly absorbed all the flavors of the dish while adding some texture. It was a big hit with my wife and my guests (her parents!)

Sara A.
amazing legumes

These are the creamiest texture bean I've ever tasted. I love the size and flavor too. I cooked them simply, with sauteed onion in lots of olive oil and herbs de provence and they were DELICIOUS. I enjoyed them more knowing that these beans are sustainably grown by farmers who care about stewardship of our land.